Home Depot Founder Building Huge Aquarium

I mentioned this over at Divester, but it’s interesting enough to write about
here as well, since some Gadling readers are divers. It’s the story of Bernard Marcus, the gazzillionaire founder of
Home Depot who is now building a
massive aquarium
in Atlanta, to compete with other sight-seeing Atlantan joys such as the Coca-Cola museum. The
tank will contain five million gallons of water and carry 100,000 fish, including several whale sharks (for those who
don’t know, the whale shark is the largest fish in the world. Irt can grow up to 40-plus feet and is kind of a divers
dream fish since they are very nice. You can just kind of go up and pet them. Nice whale sharky!).

Anyway, Marcus’ big fishy dream is slated for unveiling in November, but you can read about the project