Escape Route

The folks over at Cool Hunting blogged
about this amazing photographic travelogue called Escape Lab sometime ago, but it’s definitely worth a mention here.
From my understanding the site was put together for family and friends to keep track of the mysterious traveler (I
believe his name is Henry) who leaves the entire web in awe with beautiful, crisp, photos from
destinations across the globe. The site navigation is quite smooth and impressive with 3D, 2D, and flat
interface.  One of the best online travel photo albums I’ve seen in a while. Don’t take my word for it though,
give it a looksie with your own eyes.

?a?CŸ%?ynd C letters proudly on display or tucked away in the far corner of any licensed restaurant window in Los
Angeles are compliments of the Los A???UŸ%?yepartment of Health
Services, Public Health and Environmental Health.

The purpose to is to give hungry customers a sense of dining in a thoroughly spic and span environment, reduce
potential for food borne illness and the spread of communicable disease. Gotta love Public Health. But DO NOT, I repeat
DO NOT, let the signs lead you to believe you will be having the best tasting food. You’ll be heavily let down at
a lot of letter A restaurants. I recommend leaving that portion up to Zagat. But
If you’re curious as to how they do the grading and inspections I encourage you all to do visit their web site. It
could save your life.