More Full Screen Panos

Panos. We love em. I honestly could head out and do nothing for a year but shoot panos around the world. Ok, I’d
blog too. But there is something about the format that I find so interesting, so unusual.

I’ve been shooting panos as a hobby for a few years now, but whenever I head
over to Hans Nyberg’s Full-screen panorama site, I always get very jealous. And
I am usually impressed. The array of full screen shots here really reveals the majesty of the format. So of course I
headed over there again today and discovered two shots I thought worthy of your attention. This one from a
Taiwan snow-boarding event is very unusual. The
ramp in the distance, the crowd of on-lookers. I mean, snow-boarding in Taiwan? Who knew? (no Abbot and Costello jokes,
please). And then this one from a chasm in the Colorado River
is even more impressive.

Really neat. Nuf said.