Tara Reid’s Sexy Travels

Ah, isn’t it just grand. The big brains in Hollywood are serving up yet another dose of programming that exports our
most prized commodity: hot, dumb Hollywood starlets. This time, it’s an E! (or should that be E?, since so much of
their stuff is of questionable entertainment value) program that ships the bubbly and impossibly blond Tara Reid to
foreign lands to, and I quote, “Improve foreign relations…one party at a time.” Lord almighty, say it isn’t so.

The show, called Wild on Tara will take Ms. Reid to places like
Mykonos and Barcelona where she will mingle with the locals and show the rest of the world just how shallow and debased
our culture really is. But will the show really be all about the sex pot’s misadventures with alcohol and bikinis? Of
course, not. In fact Reid herself says she doesn’t want the show to be like Girls Gone Wild. Nay,
she wants it to be rich in learning, to show us “the
historic side” of things. Um, right. One wonders exactly which historic side of her half-naked body we’ll see more
often, the back or front.