Color Country by Susan Neider

Go to any Barnes and Noble and head to the photography section and you’ll find stacks of books with wonderful
photographs from all over the world. I do this every so often just to see the kind of amazing work that photographers
are doing out there. It’s also a great way to get ideas for photo subjects and travel destinations. I love these books
and can spend hours thumbing through them.

Well, I just got my hands on a book about the Colorado Plateau that you should check out. Published by
Globe Pequot Press,

Susan Neider’s Color Country
is a visual feast of colorful images that will make you want to hop in the car with
your new digital camera and spend some time photographing one of our nation’s most photogenic regions. A professional
photographer and fan o’ the West, Neider traveled through Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce, the Grand Canyon and several
lesser-known areas to capture some of the best photos I’ve seen of the region. The book also contains maps, travel
tips, notes on photography and geology, and it all comes in a relatively inexpensive paperback package that would make
both an excellent table top conversation piece and a superb gift. I recommend checking it out.