Edinburgh Festival

The world-famous Edinburgh Festival (a generic term for all the stuff that goes on in the Scottish city this month)
is in full swing right now. The Fringe
, called the “largest arts festival on the planet” (according to the Guinness Book of World Records),
started a few days ago and lasts until the 29th. And the
Film Festival takes place from the 17th to the
28th, and will show all manner of arthouse and world cinema films produced, well, pretty much anywhere.

But they also do mainstream films. You might remember (or phoned home about it) that ET actually premiered here in the
80s. This year’s mainstream fest will feature the films of George Romero, including his newest flesh eating flick
Land of the Dead. Fans of Romero will be happy to know that the
gore-master will actually be present at the festival for a program called An Audience With George A Romero. For more
info on the festival, check out the main site here, or
the Guardian’s Special report
Edinburgh 2005. There’s really so
much going on at the Festival this year, I can’t do it justice here. Check out the
site for yourself.