Mountain Light Gallery

Galen Rowell is one of the all-time greatest outdoor
photographers. An accomplished technician with an uncanny eye, he was also an avid and expert climber and outdoorsman.
Over the course of his career, he traveled all over the world taking memorable photographs that rank among some of the
best I’ve ever seen. I have several of Rowell’s
, in fact, which are filled not just with great images, but also with technical details on how he shot certain
photos as well as his philosophy on life and shooting.

Rowell and his wife Barbara died in
a tragic plane
crash in 2002, but their spirit and work lives on at the
Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, CA where many of Galen’s photos are on
display. Seeing the gallery first hand is highly recommended. it is in a very attractive building and the photos are
all tastefully arranged and organized. Bishop is on the way to Mammoth and June Lake, so if you are taking a trip up
there at any point, I urge you to check out the gallery.