Speak French Over Dinner

As many of us know the French can be pretty harsh when it comes to parading around their country with meager lingo skills. I’ve heard several horror stories dealing with this language barrier issue and few good ones from travelers that really made an attempt to speak some French. Since I haven’t experienced anything first hand, I won’t comment on the topic much.

However, I do want to provide the hungry traveler this great French language instruction from Slow Travel France on dining out. Nothing beats being able to navigate and fully comprehend a menu in a French restaurant and you’ll want to know if your waiter is calling you buttocks or whether you’re ordering the buttocks from some animal. Learn what cervelle (brain) or cuisses de grenouilles (frogs’ legs) and the correct way to pronounce them. David Ronnis who gives this nice language starter for Slow Travel also has some sample dialog found in a restaurant and breaks down the various types of restaurants, meals, menus, and formalities upon arrival. Good place to go if you really haven’t a clue.