Travel Around the World – Starting Out

There are few trips out there that are as exciting and alluring as a single, long-term gallivant around the globe.
Such trips are the stuff of dreams for most of us. But for others, they are a reality. Every year thousands of
vagabonds give up the toil of their daily lives and head out to circle the earth, taking planes, trains and automobiles
(and also boats, rickshaws, tuk-tuks, booted feet, and all manner of other transportation means) as they get up close
and personal with the people and places that live on our little hunk of rock in space.

Are you one of the fortunate few who are actually considering this kind of trip? Have you started planning or is the
idea still gestating in the higher cognitive centers of your brain? Well, a trip around the world is something we think
about a lot, something we hope to do someday. And we figured that we’d provide some starting links for folks who might
be interested in the grandest of all adventures.

Doug Lansky is a
writer who has done entire books on the idea of traveling around the world. You can certainly go buy those books, but
if you want the quick and dirty about how to plan such a trip, how to think about it, where to start, check out
Lansky’s around the world planning primer at Traveldish.
Well-known travel consultant Edward Hasbrouk also has a solid
on the subject.

For answers on everything from money matters to health and safety,
here is an FAQ that will provide useful information as
you consider your trip, as well as this
site from the State Dept.
that has links to all the embassies and consulates around the world. Another site,
Geographia, offers destination ideas, which, along with help from an old
stand-by Lonely Planet, should get you started on where to go.

And finally, if you are wondering how much it costs to buy an around the world plane ticket (yes, they exist…usually
you have to pick a certain route and a timetable) check out these two sites for information on how to purchase ATW
tickets. Both Airtreks and Airbrokers
offers deals on multi-stop international airfares, the best way to get all the flights you need in a single

That’s just the beginning, a couple of recommendations for you as you being to consider whether such a trip is for you
(and why wouldn’t it be?). This should get you started anyway. Good luck and happy travels!