From the folks who brought you bungee jumping (sort of) and glow worm cave tubing, not to mention Kiwi fruit and the
knock your socks of scenery of the Lord of the Rings, now comes

Huh? What’s that you say? Zorbing? WTF is that? Well, imagine yourself taking momentary leave of both your senses and
the little cubicle you call your office, and harnessing yourself into a VW-sized, transparent ball of plastic. Then
imagine someone rolling you down a steep hill at 25 mph. You are the boy in the plastic bubble, on steroids.

Well, the whole Zorbing thing started in New Zealand, but it has now rolled
its way to the United States, and like any good fad, has attracted a legion of Zorbing fans…call them Zorbians, like
some race of mega-cranium aliens from Star Trek. The fun begins this December in Boulder City, NV where the first
official Zorbing park will be set up. Knowing my fellow Americans, I can only imagine where the Zorbing trend will
head. Zorbing meets, Zorbing marathons, crash Zorbing where teams of Zorbians roll into each other on the field of
battle, perhaps with knives affixed to their Zorbs. Perhaps even a Zorbing Olympic event someday.

Hail hail human ingenuity and, well, human weirdness.