Michael Palin’s Books Online

Years ago when I was working in Bangkok, the company I was working for held an environmental conference featuring
Michael Palin as the guest speaker. During the post-conference
cocktail hour, I actually got to hang out and chat with Palin, easily one of my favorite moments of those years. I have
to say, though that we were WELL INTO cocktail hour, so my recollection of what we actually spoke about is quite hazy,
but I am grateful to this day that I did not burst into the
Lumberjack song. That would have been bad.

Well, we love Michael Palin. We love all the Python stuff
(from the Spanish Inquisition to the Holy Hand Grenade of
) but almost more, we love the fact that Michael Palin has used his celebrity to teach us more about the
world. He has become a bona-fide explorer, and I think that’s cool. Now, what is also cool (and we should expect
nothing less from the man) is that Palin has made available all of his travel books online. That’s right, you don’t
have to buy nothin’ from Amazon (unless you want to). The chapters have to be read one by one, that is, there is no
single download, but so what. Give the guy some clicks.

Here is his a link to his most recent book Himalaya, as well
as the book Sahara for your Friday reading pleasure.