“Secret” Waterfall Discovered

I find this odd. The most populous state in the union, and they
have “discovered” a 400 foot waterfall. Several major outlets cover this including
CNN and
Sac Union.com, but I’m still perplexed how it can
be that no one has ever seen this waterfall before. I mean, someone had to hike by it, snap a photo or whatever at some
point, right? Well, they do say that someone has probably seen it, but they are also saying that it wasn’t on any map
and people who know the area were surpsied to find them. Odd. The falls are located in a remote corner of the
Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, 43,000-acres of pristine wilderness outside of Redding. Nice find, but I doubt
the area will remain “pristine” for long.

(Thanks Carl!)