WaterFire – Providence

Tomorrow evening at 7:49 P.M. (Sunset) 100 bonfires will blaze just above the surface of the
three rivers that run through the middle of downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Eclectic
classical and world music plays as the city watches in a relaxed mind state, moved by the work of art. What could
make for a more soothing Saturday night than something like this?
WaterFire is the event and the sculpture installation by Barnaby
Evans’ that has been exciting locals and thousands of visitors each year. Igniting the senses is part of the WaterFire
experience, the sound of crackling flames, the scent of burning cedar, and the flickering firelight across the city’s
landscape. The lights run two-thirds  of a mile through urban public places and parks.

If you can’t make it to the area for tomorrow’s activities check out the
calendar for more upcoming WaterFire events. Keep in mind
that it is free of charge and a lovely reason to explore the state’s capital city if you’ve never