International Fashion Exhibition

If you’re the kind that likes fashion, trends, threads, over-the-top garments, or lack of you may
appreciate this exhibit on Global Fashion/Local Tradition to be held in the Centraal Museum
in the Netherlands this fall through winter. I found this one in
Wallpaper, but a further glance at the
Centraal Museum’s site provides the full skinny on
the show. Seems a considerable amount of research went into mixing the well known contemporary
designer’s with the lesser known, but this exhibit is about more than name calling. (Though name calling can
be fun.) The main focus is to showcase how globalisation has effected contemporary fashion. Here are a couple
of key factors they took into planning the whole-shebang:

  1. Fashion Weeks Survey

  2. Global Fashion as a form of colonialism: mapping the world

  3. International designers making use of their own cultural background

  4. Putting one’s own cultural traditions on the fashion map

  5. How traditional cultures assimilate fashion items

  6. Exoticism in fashion history

Good one to attend if you’ll be in the neighborhood (Utrecht area) anytime between September 17, 2005 to January 15,