Monsoon in Seattle

Something about weekend nights have always been synonymous with Chinese take-out or some
other form of Asian fare, but on this particular Sunday evening nothing sounds more
enchanting than Vietnamese cuisine. Inside or outside of the house Vietnamese is a good pick and easy to find in most
places, except my neighborhood. However, if your neck of the woods happens to be Seattle you may wish to pop your head
into Monsoon.

Fresh food from small farms and blends of traditional Vietnamese cuisine with Pacific Northwest innovation make
the restaurant a real gem on Seattle’s dining scene. Not to recite
reviews from all the papers and anyone whose ever dined at the
establishment, but the Seattle Times calls the food “gorgeous” which is certainly a good start. With the eyes
being the gatekeeper to much of what we tend to taste chances are you won’t be disappointed. The menu
features many very affordable seafood dishes with the priciest entree being a pan roasted muscovy duck
breast at $26. Not quite the local take-out prices but your palate will appreciate every delicious bite. Oh,
and they’ve got a wine list to brag about as well.