Waterfall Discovery on NPR

More on the “hidden” liquid asset discovered in California…the 300 foot
waterfall found in Northern California’s Whiskeytown
National Recreation Area. NPR runs a quick
on the waterfall with an interview with the Rec Area’s superintendent Jim Milestone.

As you might remember, while people certainly had seen the waterfalls before (in fact, it’s only about 1 1/2 miles in
from a main trail), there was no mention of it on the maps of the Geological Service, the arbiter of all geological
features and mapping in the US.

The 300 foot waterfall was all over the news last week,
and took people by surprise because, well, things like this are usually pretty well known. Ande as I pointed out in my
earlier post on the subject, now that it’s been “discovered” it will certainly not remain unknown for long. In fact,
the Rec Area is building a trail to the waterfall to be completed soon. So kiss the waterfall’s “pristine” character