See the World on Chivas’ Dime

Here is the offer of a lifetime. Truly. Seriously. I mean it.

The good folks at Chivas (as in Chivas Regal, the maker delicious,
nutritious and tasty beverages) is offering two people the opportunity to travel around the world to the most exotic,
fun and challenges places on the face of the planet. All they have to do is report about it and be good little brand
ambassadors. That’s right, they’ll cough up $100,000 for you to see the world and track down the world’s most exciting

This is the second year of the program. The first year was won by David Lyman, who was a reporter and critic for the
Detroit Free. He logged over 71,000 miles as he galloped from Kyoto to Oslo to New Mexico and Mali. All along the way
he had obscene amounts of fun playing ice hockey in the Himalayas, fly-fishing in New Zealand, devouring oysters in
Berlin and hot dogs in Los Angeles. All on someone else’s dime. Can you say sweeeet!

You can read more about the offer here. And if you want to apply (sorry,
you have to be 25 or older) you can download the app here. They want
entrants to put together a three-minute video tape explaining why they should be chosen. That’s easy enough, eh? Oh,
and applications have to be received by October 10th at 5 PM EST.

Now don’t say I never gave you nothin’.