Billgrims Visit Bill Clinton Library

Here’s a pretty
entertaining piece
on CNN about Bill Clinton fans who are making trips, or “Billgrimages'” to Hope, Arkansas, the birthplace of our recent
President. The Clinton Presidential Library is proving quite popular, 2,000 visitors a day spend time wandering the
halls and looking at all the memoraBILLia (sorry, couldn’t resist).

What exactly will you see at the Clinton Library? Well, the Arkansas River for one. The library juts out over the
river in a long glass rectangle. You can also see a full-scale
replica of the Oval Office which purports to recreate
“life in the White House”…sans the famous shadowy corridor where Clinton entertained, um, certain guests. And right
now there is a
World of Music
exhibit that explains the impact music had on Clinton’s life…including, one would presume/hope, the footage of him
playing sax on Arsenio Hall.