Celebrity Sex Palaces

Oh, those wacky wonderful celebs. How we love them, how we loathe them. Blackbook, the British magazine,
documents the various
around the globe where celebrities have done the nasty and lived to talk about it. As Dennis Miller might
say, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but discovering that Britney
Spears and Jason Alexander (wait, isn’t that
the guy from Seinfeld?) had their first (and allegedly only) tryst in Room 5102 of the Palms Hotel in Vegas is about as
exciting as watching Bass fishing on cable. Sorry, who cares?

That said, learning that the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle was the place
BOTH led Zeppelin AND the Beatles once banged horny groupies is, well, that’s bona-fide knowledge. Different strokes, I
guess. Which begs the question, what is Gary Coleman’s favorite sex hotel?