Israel Blog and Photos

With everything in the news about the Gaza Strip and giving back the land I really wanted to find a
good Israel travel blog that possibly highlighted the perspective of a once
curious traveler that may have stumbled through the area or anywhere in Israel. Can’t say that this
particular Israel blog on
Blogspot is well written or gripping as the tired author left several details out of his short
recount in Heeb and Hamentashen Town, but it’s worth a glance. It doesn’t cover any political insight to the
area or the people in the two towns visited which is great if you just need a break from all the news. He touches
on places like Elait (a beach with a Vegas atmosphere) which didn’t tickle his fancy too much due to the heat and some
other “historical stuff” and he puts it. Overall it’s not too shabby especially when you click into the
photo galleries.