Outside Mag: Dream Jobs

I just got my September Issue of Outside and was happy to see an
article in there about dream jobs, a whole series of profiles of interesting people doiing interesting things pretty
far out of the mainstream. People who are fortunate enough in life to do what they want. Sadly, the link to the story
isn’t up yet. But what I liked about it most of all was the listing of people and their jobs. Being Outside, you
wouldn’t expect to see a list of lawyers, bankers, money people, movie stars…all the jobs that our society seems to
covet and love. And that’s what I liked so much about the piece. These were easy-going people with jobs like climbing
ranger, product developer, adventure film-maker, brewmeister. It’s so easy in life to let other people, the media and
social mores direct your life. And it’s always inspiring to hear about people who have the guts and drive and smarts to
go out and do exactly what they want. I’ll post the article when it goes live.