Outside’s American Dream Towns

Check out Outside.com’s
of American Dream Towns, which took up a big section in last month’s issue. I’m always intersted to see which
towns are mentioned in these surveys because I have to admit I dream of working and living in a smaller, quieter, more
outdoorsy place than New York someday. I spent a fair amount of time in Boulder, and there is something very fulfilling
about places like that. The air is clean, the people more friendly, the days seem calmer. I’ve been to only a handful
of the places mentioned here, but some of them, like
Salt Lake City, Portland,
Oregon and Portland, Maine, are all beautiful, laid back cities that would make great places to settle with kids.
Chicago was a bit of an odd choice. Not that it’s not a great city, but it doesn’t seem to fit the subtexual theme of a
place to getaway and live a calm, relaxed life. But maybe I’m reading too much into the theme. Anyone live in any of
the places mentioned here? Come on, tell us something about it.