Travel Writing Boot Camp

Speaking of great jobs, as we were just
moments ago, my guess is that there are a lot of people who would like to break into the travel writing game. Or maybe
some folks would simply like to hone their skills of observation and penmanship. Well one way to give yourself a leg up
(this won’t release you from actually having to write, of course) is to take a class in travel writing. There are lots
of places to do this around the country. In fact, there are several amazing travel writing courses/seminars happening
outside the country, including this one
coming up in Iceland
where several travel writing luminaries like Tim Cahill and Bill Bryson will be on hand to
give pointers. But it ain’t cheap. So here’s one for folks on the East Coast.

Media Bistro is offering a class in New York City
this September that lasts eight weeks that will teach you how to become a travel writer…or a better one should your
career be in a slump. According to the site, you will learn how to write travel-related news items and personal essays,
“with the goal of selling these pieces to local, regional, and national publications”. The class is being taught by
James Sturz, an accomplished writer with writing credits in over 60 newspapers and magazines…so you know you’re in good
hands. Actually a friend of mine took this class and said it really helped her. Give it a look-see.