Vermont Farmstays

What better way to bring in the fall watching the seasons change on a grassy hill under a shady
little tree overlooking a beautiful Vermont farm? Whether you want to milk a cow, pick
apples, or roll around in a hay stack all your wildest and tamest barn yard wishes can come true during your farm
stay. I was really surprised to see how detailed the web site for the
Vermont Farms Association is at listing the many farm stays available in the
state. I didn’t realize there was such a variety amongst the state’s farming industry. Silly me, right? You can stay at
a small hands-on alpaca breeding farm at Parris Hill Farm, a working
dairy farm at Liberty Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast, or have a full maple
breakfast with delicious maple syrup at Couture’s Maple Shop and
. And that’s only a few of the farms.

Personally, I would love to stay at a farm. I’ve never experienced a real farm, the smell,  and the simplicity
of it all. I’d imagine the environment to be incredibly different than my regular day-to-day doings and would
probably give me a huge appreciation for the many early morning breakfasts I’ve had in the past. Whether you are a
veteran to farm life or a newbie like myself, it sounds like something to tack onto the ever growing travel to-do