Cool or Lame: Trouble With Alarm Clocks?

Welcome to another segment of Cool or Lame.

For this one, we go to an
odd story in USA Today
(via TravelPost) about the trouble people have with alarm
clocks. It seems some hotel alarm clocks are simply too complex for people. So to help all the retards, I mean people,
out, hotel mega-corp Hilton has decided to custom-make its own alarm clock, tested on monkeys and rats, and they
ordered more than 200,000 of them this year for all of its hotels.

So what’s wrong here?

Perhaps there are too many buttons…and what does that dot mean again? AM or PM? And wait, if I actually change the
time, will that affect time itself like a Twilight Zone episode? Does “snooze” put the clock itself to sleep?

Dunno, but aren’t we far enough along the alarm clock learning curve to figure out how to set an alarm? Alarm clocks
have been around quite a while, right? And they all function about the same way, right? Is it just me, or is
this overkill?