Rafting Cataract Canyon

One of our own here at WIN – Wily Volk -  is heading off soon to raft the Grand Canyon and I have to say I am
jealous. The idea of heading West and enjoying seven days of floating bliss on the mighty Colorado gets me very
nostalgic for the old days. You see, I used to live in Boulder, CO, and one summer I worked as a junior guide with one
of the local rafting companies. I did a lot of grunt work, but on a few occasions got to guide folks down the river.
There was something really satisfying about screaming “BACKSTROKE!” to city slicker customers.

Well, all this is to get you to check out
a cool story by Tom Winter over at
online outdoor magazine Stellar. Tom recounts his trip rafting down the
Colorado River with a solid eye toward detail. We learn about some off the other customers and are treated to a brief
history of the river. But most compelling is his discussion of the river “Rats” who guide these trips (ALWAYS odd ball
characters…and some of them are legendary). And finally we are treated to a riveting climax as the rafts run some heavy
white water and one boat is sucked into the “frothing mouth of a hole”. Good piece from a good magazine. Check it