One Orange in New Zealand

HotelChatter is probably one of the better
hotel blogs out there if not the best. They continuously
keep me informed, enlightened and in-the-know about hotels worthy of all our attention and
those where the bed bugs bite, a lot. Ouch. Today’s
from their awesome little space on the web is a place called
One Orange in Gisborne, New Zealand. As one of the
first cities on Earth to see the sunrise, HotelChatter calls One Orange sort of a sunrise tribute hotel
where the One Orange web site notes the experience as raw untouched beauty at the edge of the world. Breathless

When I saw the picture of the digs I thought it looked like a colorful recreation center set against a very dry
mountainside, but the closer you look the high design hotel is really a comfortable and luxurious hotel. Silly me,
right? Activities aren’t hard to come by though. They are conveniently located next to some of the best
surfing beaches in New Zealand and offer trout fishing trips with a local expert on the sport. Other things to
note about One Orange is the opportunity to become a real piece of caged shark bait, but I’ll let you find out
more about that one on your own.