Welcome Slashfood

You know, the blogosphere is growing so rapidly it’s damn near impossible to keep track of
all the new blogs out there. But of course, when it comes to new blogs on WIN, well, we have to pay attention, if only
because we KNOW the blogs are going to be good. Across the board, the folks who write for WIN — as disparate and
diverse a group as we are — are good writers who are passionate about their work.

This remains the case with the newest blog in the WIN family, the aptly named
Slashfood, which is about, no surprise here, food. But here’s something you
MIGHT find surprising: everyone NEEDS food. Yup, to paraphrase the Blues brothers: you, me, them, everybody,
everybody!…um, needs food. And here’s another interesting thing about food: some people actually enjoy it. Yes, there
are many of us misfits out there who find in food not only nourishment, the daily means by which we keep active, but
also savor the flavor, as it were. And this blog is for folks like us.

So enough rambling (it’s late on a Friday afternoon, call me a bit slap happy), let us welcome the Fabulous Foodies
over at Slashfood.