Jeeping in Ouray, Colorado

It’s a well known fact that I tend to fall asleep in a car whenever I’m not in the driver’s seat. In
most cases. Something about being in the passenger seat or
backseat gives me a slight headache. More so the backseat than the passenger seat, but I have also been known to
fall out on long bumpy bus rides, painfully long flights and pretty much anything that moves while I’m not in
control of the vehicle. As a kid it helped cure my “are we there yet” moans from the backseat, but nowadays it
just eases my tiny headaches or makes a 14 hour flight feel like one hour.

When I saw this article in the Washington Post on
jeeping in Ouray,
, and area promoting itself as the “Switzerland of America” and “Jeep capital of America,” I knew the
jeeping experience may not be for me. Falling asleep would be nearly impossible to do, but up-chucking from the
overly bouncy jeep ride probably wouldn’t be as hard. Sorry folks, maybe that was a bit overblown. But there are
actually two kinds of jeep-trails in the area which are noted as “mellow-scenic” and ”gnarly scenic” by one
of the local jeep guides. I’m guessing you can tell which one is the bumpier of the two, but either way
you’re sure to catch sight of some awesome scenery. Crystalline waterfalls, old mining ruins, multi-hued wildflowers
and naturally the San Juan Mountains surrounding the area are all there for the viewing.

The article provides some background to the area plus detailed info on jeeping with a guide. If seeing Ouray in
a jeep isn’t your thing you can hike one or as many of the 18 trails starting right from the city center. Really
worth a read if
you’re planning your next vacation in Colorado.