Sollight Water Bottle and Lamp

Here’s one of those nice “two birds with one stone” devices. The Sollight is
both a 32 oz water bottle AND a light. And the light itself beams through the water, creating a diffusion effect that
helps the device act as a bona-fide lantern. What more could you ask for? Well, what about a solar cell on top of the
lamp so that you don’t need batteries? Voila! You get that too. Yes, the sollight cap has a built-in waterproof solar
panel and battery pack that charges in the sun or a well-lit room. 

According to the sollight site, there are two LED’s that
you can use. The white LED will last 8-10 hours and the red LED will last 16-18 hours on a dull four hour charge. We
haven’t tested one yet to see how powerful the lamp is, but will try to get our hands on one to find out. The sollight
runs $25.