The World’s Worst Places from Space

Pretty interesting concept here. This site features satellite imagery
of some of the world’s worst places. Where environmental catastrophe and, in the words of the site itself “evidence of
humankind’s wanton destruction” can be enjoyed from the comfort of your office, home or cube…and perhaps even your cell

The images, many taken from Google Maps, are accompanied by well-written, albeit
a wee bit panicky in some cases, articles explaining what damage man hath wrought. The top piece today discusses the
midwestern city of Martinsville, which is “dealing with a massive drinking water catastrophe that will likely take
years, plus possibly millions of dollars, to clean up”. So that’s a bummer. Then
there is a cool (pun!) image of the retreating, er, collapsed, Antarctic
“Larsen-B” ice shelf that disintegrated in 35 days in 2002 (pictured). Depressing eh? So, I guess if you take this site
and match it against the earlier Onion post, well, they
sort of cancel each other out, humor-wise. Sorry about that.