London Walking

Well, walking away from London, actually. Two ambitious
Londoners have set out on separate walking journeys across Europe this summer. They are not trying to slim down (like
our American friend, Fat Steve), but instead are traveling
on foot for their own unique personal goals.

The latest walker to head out is Arthur, of Arthur’s Many Steps,
who departed the UK on July 27, with hopes of reaching Rome by October. The idea originally came to him almost ten
years ago while reading Werner Herzog’s Of Walking in Ice. Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust also provided
inspiration and now he is off. Arthur is accepting donations to make sure he completes his trip – half the money raised
will be split between the Refugee Council and Doctors Without Borders.

Arthur’s route is similar to that of fellow Londoner James Carty, who set out in May to reach Jerusalem by this
December. On his site, Walking to Jerusalem, James explains
that his “pilgrimage for peace” will raise funds for four charities involved in promoting reconciliation and
understanding between communities. As of late July, he was walking right outside Rome. How convenient for Arthur, he
can read James’ blog to see what is in store for him as he heads that way too.