American Avalanche Institute

Seems there’s an institute for everything these days and even though the
American Avalanche Institute has been around since 1974 with over 8,000 outdoor enthusiasts and professionals
having attended AAI, I’m still pretty surprised that something
like this exists for avalanches. I thought it was one of those things you just have to hurry and get out of dodge if at
all possible, but it looks as if there may be some useful pointers and tips to evaluating a potential hazard.

Beginner’s can take part in the Level 1 Avalanche course which goes over basic information about weather, snowpack,
and terrain factors which contribute to avalanche hazard. Level 2 courses go more into detail on recording snowpit data
(snow strength, grain type and size, and temperature). The institute also offers a combination of both and a
course designed to help those looking to gain mountain guide certification.

Courses start early December this year and take place in
various locations over Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. If you’re planning you big ski trip for the winter you may want to
take one of the courses to gear up, get excited and most importantly be prepared.