My Kind of Town on ABC

Since I don’t find myself watching much network TV anymore (despite
the fact that I used to work at this very network), I was interested to see the news about ABC’s newest contribution to
the whole reality show genre (which was supposed to be dead about now, right?). Anyway, ABC’s new program is called
My Kind of Town,” and the premise is that they fly
some 200 residents from a small town to their New York City studio, where they sit down and blab about odd townsfolk
and compete in their knowledge about their very own town. Pretty neat idea. But is it any good?

Well, the reviews are mixed. Some blogs are saying it’s kinda kooky, but fun. The
called the show: “loud, loquacious and cheeky” but added, “It isn’t a pretty sight.” According to
this site, the
ratings for the second episode fell some 24 percent from the first…probably not good news, but I’ll reserve judgment
until I see it. The show’s host Johnny
is a British comedian and said to be “over the top” in his enthusiasm and well, Britishness (in the uppity,
flamboyant sense of the word…if there is such a thing).

The program is the brainchild of Michael Davies, the creator of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”…which might just
say it all and which might mean we’re going to be stuck with another few years’ worth of annoying catch phrases like
“Is that your final answer?”

I just checked out the Website and read the brief description of an upcoming show on Hopedale, Massachusetts. 
Here’s what it said: What will happen when the wife of a man who describes himself as “incredibly dull” finds out
he’s living a double life? Which Hopedale mom has a dirty, nasty secret buried in her backyard dug up by Melissa

Hmmm. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds pretty cheesy.