Souvenirs Straight From The Hotel Room

Here’s a quickie from CNN on
travelers that are wild about the goods found in the hotel and the
hotels that are quick to give the goods, but for a price of
course. The idea is to offer more than complimentary toiletries. If people want to take home a piece of their vacation
then everything from the cozy queen-size bed to the shower curtain rod in the bathroom should be available to them. The
Royal Hawaiian Hotel off of Waikiki Beach in Oahu finds people are goo-goo for almost anything pink including the
ceramic candle holders.

I don’t know what it is about this read that bothers me. Is this really a craze or are they just trying to build
one? I’ve never been wild about some of the things found in my hotel rooms to want to purchase them and lug them back
home. (Or have them shipped.) I’ve stayed in many low-budget and high-budget places across the globe, but never thought
of purchasing the robe or chairs. As much as I have loved some of my experiences away from home and perhaps wanted to
bring them back with me in one fashion or another there is something magical about leaving them behind. You know…
“What goes on in Ibiza, stay in Ibiza…”