Walking Tours of Philly

In honor of my pending Greyhound bus ride to Philly in a few hours, I leave you with this
useful guide: Seven Walking Tours of Philadelphia, a virtual version
of the original tours written by John Francis Marion in 1974.

Each web page provides a map, significant historical background and photos of all buildings on the tour. As I clicked
through this easy-to-read guide it dawned on me that it may actually be a better site to read if you can’t get
to Philly, the virtual tour is simple and a breeze to get through without ever moving a muscle!

If you do decide to try some of these tours on your next trip to the “Birthplace of America”, just remember to stop as
often as necessary to refuel on cheese steaks, water ice and pretzels. Here is an
article by R. W. Apple Jr. to point hungry
stomachs in the right direction.