Art of Travel DVD

Has anyone seen this yet? I finished Alain de Botton’s book a few
weeks ago and now I’ve read that there is a
which has just come out in the UK, dubbed the DVD that will breathe new life into traveling.

I’d like to see this, since I enjoyed the book very much. The DVD Times
review gives a detailed summary of the show, which
I believe aired on TV in the UK at some point prior to release. Seems the reviewer found the 50 minute program to be a
surface piece, lacking real depth, but does concede that de Botton raises thought-provoking questions which ultimately
stir viewers to think differently about travel. The documentary is narrated by de Botton as he visits some of the same
places written about in his book, as well as some different locations.

If you can’t get your hands on the DVD, definitely check out the book (here are Rolf Pott’s
notes on it) and de Botton’s personal
website. He has written several other

that have received praise.