Roadcasting: The Future of Radio?

A team from Carnegie Mellon has developed a prototype for a
creative new radio network, called Roadcasting. Through a series of studies of DJ
habits and radio listener preferences, they identified two groups — commuters and travelers, as “…segments ripe for
innovative services utilizing car-to-car communication.”

Roadcasting seeks to match people to the personal radio stations of other drivers, who can control and play only music
they want to hear. The system would allow drivers to broadcast music to any other vehicle within a 30-mile radius.
Although this video is low quality, it
illustrates what these enterprising researchers hope will become the next generation of radio.

It may seem a bit complex (and maybe dangerous to be DJ-ing as you drive?) but it is a fascinating concept that takes
community interaction to the car, through the power of music — something that always serves as a strong connector
between people, and especially important when on the road.