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review of Google Talk, the latest television spoilers and a Flash-based gas pump. But first up is our newest blog,
SlashFood. Enjoy.

Slashfood just opened for business, and we’re already planning a
Grilled Cheese party. Plus
Karina Longworth makes fun of Gwyneth Paltrow’s
junk food intolerance
and Keith McDuffee lists the
top 25 food hacks.

Mike Schleifstein finds RentACoder looking for a
Flash-based gas pump and
rips into for
forgetting Flash
during a future OS article, plus David Robinson reports
on making the Adobe-Macromedia
merger official

Willy Volk reports on the
shark that killed a scuba diver, drools over
the Neptus 60 Cliff Dwelling, and lusts for
the coolest pool toy of all time ? the AquaPub.

Droxy?s Ryan
gets a hands on view of the new Sirius
S50 and a sneak peek at the Sirius Replay
then he takes a look at
converting RSS feeds into
Podcasts with Audiolicious.

HD Beat?s Matt
brings you up to speed on the HD-DVDand Blu-Ray
while Kevin C. Tofel reveals how
VOOM HDTV is reborn and illustrates
what you?re missing if you don?t have a widescreen

TVSquad?s Bob
yearns for an Eyes DVD
while Keith McDuffee rounds up the
latest spoilers and
and Karina Longworth reports on a
Spike TV movie.

Luxist?s Peter Thompson finds a
little chic protection for his iPod and Rick Reed shows a
great way to break your diet while Deidre Woollard checks
out the customized Piaget Fingerprint Watch.

The VoIP Weblog chronicals the
launch of Google Talk while Ted
Wallingford rants about VoIP industry analysts? screwy

The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog?s David Chartier covers some
of the great photographic hoaxes and waxes
nostalgic about old Photoshop splash screens
while Jan Kabili reports on Ben Willmore?s new Photoshop Insight Injections series, which starts off with an insightful
article on using Camera Raw with Smart

DV Guru?s Mike
reviews the new JVC GR-X5
and has some tips for
your next DVD plus Ajit Anthony looks at new
software to help catalogue your video library.

Hackaday?s Fabienne Serriere shows how to
get started with the csound software synth while Eliot
Phillips shows how to build a WiFi repeater and explains
the easy lockpicking technique ?bumping?.