Ethiopia’s Omo Valley

Omo Valley located in Ethiopia is rich with palaeo-anthropological remains, several daunting blue-grey ridges of volcanic basalt and granite tower the Omo River which sees white-water rafters between September to October. This picture of the valley grabbed my attention as I never quite imagined any of Ethiopia’s landscape to look anything like this. I always envision dry and tough terrain, but the Omo shows quite the opposite with much history to go along. It is said that hominid remains found in the Omo Valley probably date as far back as four million years. The area is pretty much free of human habitation today, but home to colobus monkey, blue-breasted kingfishers, white-cheeked turacos in the surrounding forest of tamarinds and figs.

For those interested in visiting the Omo, Tourism Ethiopia has a suggested 11 day photo safari itinerary found here. There are several other ways to plan your adventure into the area, but I thought this one looked like a good starter.