French Street Food: Crepes

I’ve noticed myself slipping back into tune with the French hip-hop scene. (Check out
Crew.) Even though I have no clue what the rhymes are about I can still appreciate
the sometimes gritty beats and productions behind the ultra smooth lyrics. The French language has
always sounded sweeter than the English language so it is only natural I would use the terms smooth and
sweet to describe the overall sound of B-Boy’s spitting hardcore rhymes about Paris street life. In any case
trying to decipher a word or two has caused me to work up quite an appetite for something sweet.

And staying in the theme of things found on the streets of Paris it would only be fitting for my taste buds to
desire a delicious sugary crepe. There
used to be a time when I wouldn’t eat crepes thinking they were way too sweet and way too much was going on inside the
thin pancake concoction, but times have changed. I’m a plain crepe kind of gal. I’ll pass on the nutella, syrups, and
jams. I’ve never made a crepe in my life, but for those of you looking to bring a little piece of Paris street food
into the kitchen I’ve found a very good recipe on preparing the pastry. It’s unfortunate I haven’t all the ingredients
necessary to satisfy this crepe craving, but I’m hoping I’ve helped someone out there who may be experiencing a
similar dilemma. A crepe care package would be kindly appreciated.

via Chocolate and Zucchini