Classic New York Trips

The Gothamist provides much more than the latest goss on NYC
happenings. Last month, they began featuring a series of classic New York trips that go beyond the traditionally hyped
attractions and remind us that there is more to the great city than just Manhattan.

When planning a trip to NY, even if it is your first visit, be sure to make it out to at least one other borough
besides Manhattan. Use the subway and see just how easy it is to explore all parts of this great metropolis!

Here are the first five trips suggested by writer Garth Johnston to get you started on an urban adventure:

Ride the Staten Island

Visit the Queens Museum of
(which I didn’t mention in last week’s post)

Visit Wave Hill in the

Visit the New York Transit
Museum in Brooklyn

Visit the New York Marble

One side-note, for those who may want to venture even further from the city, I was happy to see Gothamist food
writer Tamara Lover suggest a trip through the Hudson Valley to sample
Wine on the Road. NYC rocks, but don’t
forget that there really are many wonderful things worth seeing outside the epicenter of the city.