Cross-Country on Interstate 10

There are several ways to see a large part of the U.S. cross country, but no route can be easier
than Interstate 10. The San
Bernandino County Sun
has a piece on the route starting in Santa Monica,
CA running all the way to Jacksonville,
FL the interstate runs through
Arizona, New
, Texas,
Mississippi, and Alabama.
Driving across the entire interstate can be accomplished without much adventure in three days, but if you have the
time hit the back roads and a museum or two. You’re guaranteed to see a mixture of sleepy dry deserted towns,
to bustling hot cities, long flat grasslands in Texas along with the larger than life signs reminding you “Don’t
Mess with Texas.” When you finally make it out of Texas you’ll probably be more than relieved to see the swampy
scenery found in Louisiana. I know I was and reading the story makes me want to do it all over again. 

When I took the route two years ago with my friend Angel we pushed my Honda and all my life’s belongings to
Tampa, FL as fast as we could. There were times when we really wanted to veer off and check out places like White
Sands, NM, New Orleans’ French Quarter, or the casinos while passing through Biloxi, MS, but all were far too
risky with the number of goods packed in the
car. Though we breezed through several areas stopping only for gas and a lotto ticket, the
feeling of being on the road for the extended period of time was like a small taste of freedom. 

There are certainly several other routes to get you from west to east and some certainly a little easier
on the eyes than all that Texas landscape, but if you have any interest in the American South this is a great route to
start with. You can start planning your own big trip across with this excellent and quite thorough
piece on Interstate 10 found at Answers dot com.