Motorcycle Adventure Touring

While I’m on the subject of extended road-trips cross-country here is an amazing company and
web site specializing in small-group, long-duration scenic and cultural
motorcycle journeys to country’s not easily
accessible nor commonly visited by most. From the looks of things
Globe Riders has become very popular in the ten years they have
been doing business as the 2006 World Tour is already sold out. However, openings are still available for the Silk
Road Tour and Africa Adventure, both taking place in 2007. In order to qualify you must have the right experience, the
right bike and the flexibility to deal with the unknown. You’ll also be required to use a GPS unit.

For those who are unable to participate in these amazing motorcycle adventure tours, Globe Riders is all about
sharing the experience in their
Live!Journal’s on the web site. Some
of the photography found on the site is absolutely incredible and leads one to believe that the only way to see the
world is by bike. Globe Riders is a must see whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or not.