Flex Mussels

Does the sound of mussels and French fries make your mouth-water with a foolish delight? Over
the weekend New York Times ran a
small food piece on Flex Mussels, which I’m
sure has to be a rare find. The take-out restaurant located in Prince Edward Island, Canada offers
patrons a variety of scrumptious mussel options and freshly fried spuds cooked to order in only four minutes.
You don’t have to travel far to get the most out of your cooked mussels. Flex
has three picnic tables for eating and a counter to enjoy your meal. Chef Quain notes that
the cooked mussels don’t taste too hot after traveling maybe a ways back home, so he offers
make-your-own-kits containing live mussels, prepared sauce and cooking instructions. Both cooked to order and
make-your-own-kits are priced somewhere around $6 to $7.50 a pound.