Hostage Rescue Team Seattle

I don’t know what your daydreams are like, but mine always involve helping an elderly
Korean man lost on New York city streets with little English language
skills. By the stroke of luck I cross his path speaking fluent Korean, which takes him by surprise. I manage to point
him in the right direction, but in order to repay my generosity he invites me over for a family dinner of the finest
home-cooked Korean food on the planet. It’s either that or I’m on a boat somewhere in the Baltic listening for
clicks through headphones while decoding a conversation taking place on shore in both Latvian and Lithuanian for a
special operation of sorts. And if my head isn’t in either of those places I’m probably somewhere on a Bollywood film
set helping translate the Hindi and Urdu to the clueless American actors. In other words my daydreams range from
ordinary situations to extreme, but always showcase my inexistent lingo skills. Sigh.

If your daydreams ever involve being part of an elite special operations hostage rescue team there are ways to live
this one out. Incredible Adventures offers an experience at the
NWTactical Urban Training Center in Seattle where
you will be equipped and trained to conduct an urban hostage rescue mission, gather intelligence, identify and capture
high value targets and then exfiltrate the area after completing the mission successfully. The next mission kicks
off September 9-11, 2005 and the details can be found at Incredible Adventures.

Seems a little like those U.S. Army commercials, yet the only difference is you get to go home after your four
day mission with no one to extend your stay if things get sticky.