Mapping Sex in America

Here is your chance to have your voice heard, to become part of an engaging ongoing archive of men and women who
document their sex lives for all to read and ponder. The Mapping Sex in
project comes out of the NYC-based Museum of Sex, and might be
called a kind online Kinsey Report. Of course, that’s exactly what they’d LIKE to be called, but obviously the
methodologies here (people anonymously typing in their sexual escapades) would hardly pass muster with a stickler
statistician like Kinsey…after all (to paraphrase that old New Yorker cartoon), on the internet, no one knows you’re a
virgin. But the idea here is pretty neat and the Flash interface is elegant and well done, and at the very least,
should you feel no impulse to contribute, you can at least read about other people’s sexual adventures (or
misadventures). That’s always good for a laugh.