Greenland Adventure Race

As much as we like to blog about Iceland here it occured to me that we don’t particularly give
Greenland too much love and attention. But with the Greenland
Adventure Race
 going on September 7-14, 2005 this couldn’t make for a better opportunity. As an event
that started off as a way to promote tourism in South Greenland, the race has been held since 2001 and continues to
challenge eager participants in undergoing various athletic activities. Think you can handle 40 kilometres (24
miles) of kayaking, 50 kilometres (31 miles) of mountain biking, and 90 kilometres (55 miles) of running
for five days in South Greenland’s diverse terrain? Typing that merely wore me out, but I’d certainly like to
catch a glimpse of the country. If you can’t make the race this year they have a temporary date in place on the web
site with all the information needed to travel to