Motorcycle Camping

Let’s keep the motorcycle madness going this week and drill down
deeper into the world of “hog” travel. There are some
excellent motorcycle camping guides and
checklists out there, as well as articles claiming that
cars are overrated when it comes to
camping. I would agree with that, but you’ve got to be a good biker and a well-prepared camper to do it right.

This exhaustive list scares the heck out of me, but for
experienced riders/campers, it’s a perfect pre-trip checklist to review prior to heading out. Gear, parts, tools and
riding apparel are all essential, as well as camping equipment, clothes and the usual travel items. It even reminds us
to bring the motorcycle – very thorough indeed!

MicaPeak features several checklist generating tools, including motorcycle camping lists with
150-items, and a shorter
40-item list for what bikers call “credit-card camping”.
For these trips, they pack enough to fit in the tank bag, so lugging extra gear is replaced by hotel lodging. For those
who do rough-it at night, there are campgrounds that cater to bikers, like these in 
Virginia, North
, or British Columbia.