Nat Geo on Wales

Wales has been a top destination on
my list of European countries to visit ever since I discovered
the Welsh blood in my family tree. Though I’ve been to known to find any
good reason to travel abroad what reason could be more rewarding than tracing your family history in beautiful romantic
Welsh countryside or the industrious capital city of Cardiff. I’m not entirely certain where in Wales my family may
have come from, whether they were laborers or farmers, but I do know I am far removed. With that being said,
now is the time to reacquaint myself with my ancestors’ enchanting country. 


Tonight we’ll journey there together through this
short piece found on Nat
Geo’s Traveler. The writer, John Williams,  takes us back to a place of his own past in South Wales. He once
missed the magic as his head was always buried in good summer reading and what better place to read a marvelous book,
but with his eyes wide open the, Gower Peninsula became alive.  After driving across the moorlands and passing the
beaches of Three Cliffs Bay, he and his family make it to Llangennith beach. Having a perfect crescent of sand, views
to die for, and a mixture of locals, day-trippers and surfers, Williams describes
Wales as a ‘Place of a Lifetime.’ What a lucky guy.


Good read if you’re looking to tuck yourself in and dream sweet dreams about a trip of your own to Wales.